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“Lights, Camera, Action – Hope is Rising!”:

In spring 2021, we looked through the book of Acts, preparing us to replant into Hope Church.

If a movie or story was to be written about DCFs transitional journey into Hope Church and the evolving ministry and kingdom impact in Dawlish, what type of movie or story would it be?  What would the events, scenes or ‘acts’ be like?  The Book of Acts recalls how Jesus started to build His church – it is narrative, not prescriptive, telling of the key characters, events and outcomes.  The highs, the lows.  Learning through good times and bad. This series is not a preaching series on Acts.  Rather as we embark on our transitional and missional journey, what can we learn from the Book of Acts as we fix our eyes on Jesus and be obedient in His Great Commission.  We will ‘hover’ and sometimes ‘parachute in’ on various events and characters in Acts to equip us for this journey.  We are not following someone else’s teaching series, rather we are saying ‘Lord what do you have for us in this context of Dawlish? The series will be branded around the ‘movie’ theme, with a famous movie title or strapline (using the title only, not major on content!), imagery, language and delivery that is action and impact orientated. Each week there will be a 1 page summary note as a quick reference guide, with a ‘going deeper’ section to encourage further study.  There will be a parallel reading plan through the Book of Acts taking us up to Palm Sunday.

Here’s a playlist of the messages from the series

Summary & Going Deeper Sections:

After Easter 2021

Straight after Easter, we followed on from the “Lights, Camera, Action: Hope is Rising series”. We looked deeper into a couple of topics each week. The messageswere more of a conversational style, where members of our congregation shared what the series had meant to them and how they felt it could be applied to our church. Here’s the playlist for this mini-series:

Summary and Going Deeper sections:

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