Giving is purely voluntary at Hope Church, however we do encourage it as part of our worship and gratitude to God. Also, in the Bible Jesus tells us that there’s a deep relationship between where our attention and money to, with what our hearts are focussed on.  We are called to be good stewards and as we give into His kingdom, we find that this can bring real transformation in the world and in our hearts. We want to be a generous church because we have such a generous God.

As well as giving our time and our talents to serve others, we can also give our money in order our Vision of ‘More people more like Jesus, in more places’,  supporting key ministry roles, community projects and needs, as well as the completion of the Hope Centre.

Where your money goes

Good stewardship is at the heart of our Christian values and meeting our statutory obligations with the requirements set our for CIOs (Charitable Incorporated Organisations).  Our Trustees take this responsibility very seriously and fully audited accounts are produced and available upon request.  Outside of capital expenditure on the building, our biggest cost relates to staffing and operating budgets for both ministry and mission.  We also encourage sharing the workload and minimising costs through volunteer roles.

Hope Centre funds needed

The original estimated cost of completion for the Hope Centre was £1.9m.  Although the Centre is mostly operational we still have just under £150,000 needed to finish the remaining fixtures, fittings and equipment in some rooms. Items remaining include Auditorium audio visual, additional visual impairment support, blinds, stage, baptistery, balcony seating, further office and board room, external play area and some landscaping

Please continue to consider what you are able to give.  Thank you.

Here are some questions you might have about giving to Hope Church or the Hope Centre Building Fund

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